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Get your Mugler perfume sample at no cost! Perfume samples let you try a scent on your skin and see how it blends with your natural aroma, without spending a lot on a full bottle. You can also contrast different perfumes and discover the ones that match your tastes and character.

Vial Size
Best new perfume samples for women and men Angel Elixir by Mugler 0.04 fl.oz/1.2ml
Alien Goddess by Mugler 0.03 fl.oz/1.0ml
Angel Iced Star by Mugler 0.05 fl.oz/1.5ml
Alien Mirage by Mugler 0.03 fl.oz/1.0ml
Angel Nova by Mugler 0.04 fl.oz/1.2ml
Alien Fusion by Mugler 0.08 fl.oz/2.4ml
Angel Eau de Toilette by Mugler 0.05 fl.oz/1.5ml
Alien Eau Extraordinaire by Mugler 0.07 fl.oz/2.1ml
Alien Essence Absolue by Mugler 0.03 fl.oz/1.0ml
Womanity by Mugler 0.04 fl.oz/1.2ml
A*Men Pure Malt by Mugler 0.08 fl.oz/2.4ml

Mugler is a French fashion and fragrance house that has been making waves since the 1970s. Founded by Thierry Mugler, a former ballet dancer and window dresser, the brand is known for its daring and innovative designs that challenge the conventions of beauty and gender.

Mugler’s first fragrance, Angel, was launched in 1992 and became a global phenomenon. The scent was inspired by Mugler’s childhood memories of fairgrounds and cotton candy, and featured a unique blend of patchouli, chocolate, caramel and vanilla. The bottle was shaped like a star, symbolizing Mugler’s fascination with the cosmos.

Mugler followed up with Alien in 2005, another groundbreaking fragrance that explored the theme of otherness and femininity. Alien was composed of three notes: jasmine, cashmeran and amber, creating a radiant and mysterious aura. The bottle was designed as a purple amethyst, representing the energy and spirituality of the scent.

Mugler continues to reinvent itself and surprise its fans with new creations. In 2019, the brand appointed Casey Cadwallader as its creative director, who brought a fresh and inclusive vision to the fashion line. In 2020, the brand launched Angel Nova, a fruity-floral fragrance that celebrates the power of dreams and fantasy.