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Womanity by Mugler is a fragrance that celebrates the diversity and creativity of women. It is a unique blend of sweet, savory, and woody notes that reflects the multifaceted femininity of today’s women. Womanity is more than just a perfume, it is a concept that connects women across cultures, generations, and stories.

The scent of Womanity is a contrast of elements that surprises and intrigues. The top note is a fresh and fruity fig that evokes the Mediterranean sun. The heart note is a savory and salty caviar that adds an unexpected twist. The base note is a warm and woody fig wood that gives depth and character. Womanity is a complex and harmonious fragrance that challenges the conventional.

The bottle of Womanity is a symbol of women’s connection and empowerment. It features a metal frieze that depicts women of different ages and backgrounds, united by a chain and a ring. The bottle is also refillable, which shows Mugler’s commitment to sustainability and respect for nature. Womanity is a fragrance that invites women to express themselves and share their values.

Womanity by Mugler is a fragrance for women who dare to be different and creative. It is a perfume that suits any occasion, whether it is a casual day at the beach or a formal night out. Womanity is a perfume that inspires women to embrace their individuality and their womanity. Main accords: woody, fruity, savory, animalic, sweet, green, nutty, marine, fresh and lactonic.

´╗┐Crafted by master perfumer Alexis Dadier.