Mugler - Angel Fantasm

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In 1992, Mugler ignited a revolution in perfumery by introducing the world to the first-ever gourmand fragrance. This groundbreaking scent was poured into a bottle that would go on to achieve legendary status: Angel’s iconic blue star. But now, prepare to be captivated by a new star in the Angel galaxy—a fierce black star that beckons with irresistible allure: Angel Fantasm Eau de Parfum.

Picture it: the myth of Angel transformed into the wildest fantasy. This sublimely sensual Angel unfurls like a forbidden indulgence, leaving a trail of desire in its wake. Imagine a ferociously feminine blend—an ambery gourmand infused with tantalizing juicy fruitiness, creamy coconut, and the delicate warmth of skin-light patchouli. Angel Fantasm takes the voluptuous facet of Angel eau de parfum and stretches it to new heights, amplifying its allure.

And behold—the bottle! A fascinating black star, the first to shine in Angel’s celestial collection. It captures the essence of fierce skin addiction, inviting you to turn on your fantasm and morph into your fiercest fantasies. Thierry Mugler, ever the visionary, knew that stars held magic. Even before launching the perfume line, stars adorned his fashion collections, becoming a symbol of cosmic allure.

So, embrace the fantasy, let the scent envelop you, and become a part of the Angel galaxy. Angel Fantasm awaits, daring you to explore the boundaries of desire.

Main accords: sweet, patchouli, coconut, woody, warm spicy, amber, earthy, lactonic, fruity and balsamic.